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Questions tagged [hats]

For questions about the Winter Bash (or holiday hats) to celebrate the end of the year.

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Please keep Corona away from AskUbuntu

The new Winter Bash provides new hats, the first hat one will get are face masks. Since Corona is a hot topic, this may create a shitstorm. When working on Ask Ubuntu, I want to concentrate on the ...
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1 answer

I don't get hats when I log in

I'm not getting hats and I didn't click 'I hate hats'. What should I do? I login daily but it doesn't let me get hats!
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4 votes
2 answers

Why did I get this hat today?

Today I was given the O Tannenbaum hat, but the description says ask, answer, or vote on December 25th, I thought we were using UTC time here? If so why did I get this today? It is only the 24th of ...
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Is there something wrong with the hats?

I have earned the Fascinating hat on Stack Overflow a few hours ago. Then I choose to wear the hat. Now I went to Ask Ubuntu and noticed I have the had here too - and on many other sites I got it ...
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I cannot change my hat on any of the SE sites!

Since 22nd December I cannot change or remove my hats. I get an error (screenshot below): An error occurred while changing the hat - please try again. I have tried several operating systems and ...
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is there a way to change the size of hats?

I got a hat that has ears but it's too big for my head is it possible to make it smaller? I think this feature is crucial if it doesn't exist.
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Why are some hats not awarded? [closed]

Even though I've done what was required, some hats are not being awarded. Why is this? (I'm not chasing hats (don't care really lol), but just noticed along the way that some are missing or have big ...
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