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For questions about the bounty system, which allows users to spend some of their reputation in order to draw more attention to a question.

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2 answers

Is a user not allowed to give the bounty to himself?

I put a bounty on a question of mine and later found a solution to that problem. I was given 0 points for the answer (obviously) but i was also not given the bounty points back when i clicked for it. ...
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Why I can't initiate a bounty

I want to initiate a bounty for one of my question Link here and as per FAQ the question should be atleast 2 days old. Now the question is more than 2 days old and I still cannot initiate a bounty. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is is possible to cancel a bounty?

Is it possible to cancel a bounty if I found the answer to my question?
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1 answer

Why is there no refund on bounty, when the question is not answered at all?

I know that the bounty is there to make your question more relevant or popular, yes. And this is ALWAYS given, even if the question is not answered, i know. BUT if the question is not off topic and ...
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Losing privilege with points lost in setting bounties

Is it appropriate for users to lose privileges with handing out bounties? I've recently posted a bounty worth 400 points and consequently lost even the simple privilege of commenting everywhere. I ...
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1 answer

Why don't I get my reputation back when I answer the question myself?

I posted this answer to my own question on which I had set a bounty. I lost the rep immediately when I set the bounty = OK, that's expected. I didn't get the bounty back when I added the best answer ...
63 votes
1 answer

This is Jorge, Be like Jorge

This is Jorge, Jorge offers bounties on other people's questions, Jorge doesn't worry too much about reputation, Jorge is smart, Be like Jorge. Anyway, the thing is, let's learn to offer bounties for ...
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18 votes
8 answers

Suggestions for questions that need a bounty

When I started here, I would have never believed I could reach 10k but I did and am more than happy with that level of reputation. So, I decided I would offer any excess rep I made, as a bounty on ...
13 votes
3 answers

Unfair Bounty System?

Recently I've started a Bounty, which is about to end very soon (in less than 23 hours, to be precise). And just a few minutes ago, I received this E-Mail: Reminder: Your Bounty Is Ending Soon! ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Can I award a bounty to an answer that I like?

Let's say I asked an interesting question which got a lot of attention and some really good answers. My problem was solved because of those answers and I've accepted one of them. But I want to also ...
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2 answers

How should we deal with bounty questions that are confirmed bugs?

This question is with reference to this bounty question: How do I theme the Sound Menu playback buttons? As the OP has indicated, this is technically a bug - there is a launchpad bug-report, ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there a way in increase Bounty?

I would like to increase the award amount of the bounty that I set a few days ago. Is that possible?
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1 answer

Are there other ways to increase the chances of getting questions answered besides bounties?

Are there other ways to increase the chances of getting questions answered besides bounties? For example, I would love to see an answer for this question --What are the steps to modify a filesystem (...