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Under what specific conditions should a question be flagged as "very low quality"? [duplicate]

I was going along doing some editing and whatnot on the main site when I hit a question that just looked so ugly quality-wise that I could not think of how one might be able to edit it back into ...
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What does each flag reason mean, and when should I use them?

I'm ready to dive in and help the moderators weed out content which requires their attention. What does each flag mean and when is the best time to use it?
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You are currently banned from flagging - view flags declined in the last 7 days

I'm banned from flagging but I don't know why. I flagged these three answers as very low quality: Want to remove a failed software install Can't uninstall any apps from Ubuntu Software ...
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Flag declined dude!

Seriously? "Declined dude, use standard flags" Trying to be helpful here. The post wasn't quite rude, just a rant, like I mentioned. Is this the style to get people behave like you have in mind?
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Should "try this" or "x doesn't work, use y" type answers be flagged?

From a discussion in chat, opening to a wider audience: I tend to flag answers with "Try this" or "Use Y because X doesn't work" as "Not an answer" to avoid having to downvote and lose precious ...
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Flags shouldn't be "declined" as if they were always invalid if they were valid when they were cast

I see this a lot, an answer is posted which is a link-only one for instance, it is flagged up as such, but then someone edits the answer to include the information at the link (or similar) and then ...
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Is this deletion correct?

So I just had my first ever failure here in one of those tests set up by the system to check whether you're paying attention while reviewing posts. For those who are unaware, the system sometimes ...
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VLQ is not applicable but the post is low quality - what should I do?

I am new to the VLQ queue. I was met with this answer to review (as VLQ): Why do you have two NTFS and two ext4 partitions? I'd suggest backing up all data on partitions except sda1 and sda2. Remove ...
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Flag got declined but then reconsidered?

I flagged this question and it got declined. Later on I checked and saw the question was put on hold as I had requested, so this means the mod did not review my flag properly (?) and then maybe ...
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Why was this flag declined?

My very low quality flag was declined by a moderator on this answer. Why? It is just a link and the OP won't make any effort to improve it. IMO this is about as low as the quality comes, is it not? ...
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"Very low quality" vs "should be closed ---> unclear what you're asking" flags

I can't really understand when I should use one flag or the other, for example on this question. Both of those flags seem to imply that a question is poorly written and should be removed, so why are ...
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Should rant posts be considered against the "Be Nice" policy ("Rude/Abusive" flaggable)?

This was brought up in another Meta thread about a disagreement over the use of Rude/Abusive flags on rants. In so much as the link for the Rude/Abusive flag points to the Be Nice policy. In my ...
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