Is there a way to see how many votes I have left for the day (prior to the 5 votes left warning)?

  • Related. (Search down to the text basic voting statistics to see how to get this information, as well as an explanation for why it was added.) Jul 14, 2012 at 16:26

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Currently there is no easy way to view your remaining votes for the day. Details on this can be found in answers provided by Rebecca Chernoff and Jeff Atwood.


Your profile shows the number of votes you've cast today. This and other voting totals are tallied at the lower-right corner of the summary tab, even though they're not shown in the votes tab itself.

For example, this is what that looks like right now, for my meta user:

enter image description here

Subtract that number from 40, and that's how many votes you have left today.


Another way to see the votes remaining is hover the cursor over the down tick button on the name of a user.

enter image description here

It will show, how many votes the user has already given. Subtract this number from 40 if the votes on questions are 1:3 in ratio with answer. Subtract this from 30 otherwise. As this answer suggests.

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