I want to see what percentage of votes each of candidates (for moderator) got and who was my 1st,2nd and 3rd choices. Is there way to do it?


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Your own votes should still be visible when you visit the actual election tab (third phase) on the election page.

On the election results meta post you can find a link to this online election tool's results page. It provides a well visualized set of bar graphs that show you the standings after each stage, according to the used Meek's STV method.

You can also click on e.g. text report to get a more precise tabular representation of the individual stages of the ballot counting and candidate elimination stages.

Alternatively, you can download the raw ballot data from here and evaluate them on your local machine. For that, you can e.g. use OpenSTV (sudo apt install openstv) with the downloaded ballot file and the settings you could find on the online results page.

Method Options:

Precision -- 6
Threshold Formula -- Droop
Dynamic Threshold -- Dynamic
Fractional Threshold -- Whole
Weak Tie Breaking -- Backward

Also see How are moderator election votes counted, in plain English?


Checking the percentage of votes each of candidates: Moderator election consists of multiple rounds. After the election ends you can download the data by either going to corresponding elections' result meta post or election page and clicking on the elections' summary you want to know. The excerpt which would provide the link would be like this:

Screenshot 1

To know your choices: Go to election page and choose the election in which you voted. Click on Election tab. You choices would be listed on right side.

Screenshot 2 Whitened choices for security purposes :-P

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