Somehow I saw a sudden burst of flags in the 10k tools for answers that are links to Launchpad flagged as NAA (I presume they are looking for "me too"s). Lets set things straight:

  1. If there's an answer to a valid bug report (ie, the bug isn't expired, or invalid) you should evaluate if the bug report is relevant to the question,
  2. Flag the question as bug if the report is related to the question, and
  3. post a comment with the bug report (or the master in case is a duplicated bug) so reviewers doesn't have to hunt down answers.

Secondly, please remember that the hats will end by January 6 of the next year. You shouldn't burn through the review queue to get fast. I believe that if everybody gets the same behaviour as when there isn't this kind of events (ie, without rush, overall without rush) you all get the hats.

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