I was looking at the posts I flagged on AskUbuntu to see whether my flags were helpful or not. I saw that all my flags were accepted but two:

  1. A flag on a question about computer science which has nothing to do with Ubuntu. The flag was disputed, but the question closed.

  2. A flag on a question about where the OP was asking how to install Windows 7. The flag was neither disputed nor accepted, and the question is still open.

I'm asking this question here because, unfortunately, the Stack Exchange platform lacks ways to share feedback -- and feedback is essential to me for improving and measuring how helpful my actions are.

I would also like to know if, in general, flagging posts is useful or if you (moderators) prefer to review posts yourselves.

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Your flagging is helpful (as it currently stands).

There was one disputed flag - a disputed flag happens when a 10K user goes through, and disagrees with it. However, I also noticed that you only have 5 flags total, so this isn't a very large sample to judge anything by.

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