Guys, I was looking in a question when I found a different way to markup keyboard (combination of keys) to express commands. I cant found a previously answer about Markdown (except this, but not covering my question).

So I take the screenshot below (because I dont know how to call it ehehehe):

markup keyboard shortcut like in this

What is the Markdown tag used to show Ctrl + D as showed above?


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Guys, I found it! just adding the html tag kbd as:


That will produce Alt+F2. Would be very nice if someone able to edit http://meta.askubuntu.com/editing-help and add this feature.

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    There should be an easier method to add these tags. Just try telling somebody to switch virtual teminals, do something, and press Ctrl+Z by hand-typing these tags.
    – nanofarad
    Jun 15, 2012 at 22:21
  • kbd.hsuan.xyz Hi, I made a tool to capture shortcuts and generate kbd tags.
    – Hsuan Lee
    Apr 26, 2022 at 9:08

This is HTML that works also in the used Markup language here on StackExchange. You would write <kbd>F1</kbd> to achieve F1 (when it is surrounded by ` for code formatting, HTML is ignored). kbd is the abbreviation for keyboard.
Oh, and in comments you also have no HTML support.

For more information, look there:

But anyway, I think this question is placed better on meta.AU, so I will flag it for migration.

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