In Ask Ubuntu, there are limits on how many things you can do each day. For example:

  • You can only flag 36 items per day,
  • You can only review 20 items from one category per day,
  • You can only get 200 reputation per day, and
  • You can only use 40 votes per day.

As well as opportunities to receive badges within a set time period, like:

enthusiast fanatic mortarboard and necromancer Revival suffrage vox populi

Those are all the badges that have a requirement of doing a task in a time frame.

Since Ask Ubuntu is a very vibrant place with many nationalities and cultures, it's quite obvious that not everyone is in the same time zone.

So, what time zone does Ask Ubuntu use to determine a 'new day' or a 24-hour period? Do they use a clock at all, or do they measure the time in your time zone and count on another 24 hours?

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The simple answer to that is UTC.

All of the daily events, such as the reset of your daily rep limit, occur at midnight universal time.

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    Oh... I had hoped it went on a true "X number of Y per day" basis. e.g., as long the last of 40 votes was within 24h of the first, you'd get Vox Populi. Commented Jan 15, 2013 at 16:35

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