Where and how can I start a discussion on an edit I suggested that was rejected? Get in private/personal contact with the reviewer? It seems here on Meta is better, but if so: How to get the attention of the reviewer (e.g. is it possible to tag someone)? Follow this example for my title (naming the question number)?

N.B.: I ask this question after this answer & comment by Eliah Kagen.

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Now that I saw the edit in question I admit that I rejected it too hastily. I am sorry for that. Indeed the answers to this peculiar question are likewise applicable to a wider range of video playing applications thus your edit was a good one indeed.

This is not an excuse but an explanation: we are faced with quite a lot of minor edits recently. Unfortunately I mistook yours as one of those. I hope I will take more care in the future to avoid those things happening.

Yet, I can not promise to be without fail. If this happens again with me or anybody else it is best to discuss the matter. There are several ways to do so:

  • Ask a question here in Meta .
  • Join us in our chat room where many of us are around quite often.
  • Address a certain user by preceding a comment or chat message by their name (e.g. @Takkat to let the system give them a notice ("Ping").

Last not least:

  • Do not hesitate to suggest your edit again.

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