I received a "please review" notification of an edit suggested for an answer of mine (It's also my question, but I think that's irrelevant). The edit seems good, and I wanted to approve it. But I couldn't see how to do this - I couldn't see a button or link or something to do it. I noticed the following two things:

  1. It says that someone reviewed the edit.

  2. Next to the user who suggested the edit, it says that 0 of his edits have been rejected, and 0 approved.

I take this to mean that the reviewer who looked at it didn't have a conclusive opinion and left it for the "next" reviewer to decide. But if that's true why can't I approve it?

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Your post was merged, which I think is the cause of the confusion.

Edit history w/merge

Regardless, you wouldn't be asked to approve edits to your questions or answers. That isn't how the site works. Others can make edits any time and (with sufficient reputation) they are automatically approved.

If users make an edit to someone else's post, and have less than 2000 reputation, your edits are peer-reviewed by someone who does.

  • Still, that leaves us in the same situation- his edit hasn't been approved, and it doesn't seem like anyone is going to. I think in this case maybe I'll just take what he's suggested and integrate it into the post myself - but in that case he will lose the "credit" for a perfectly good suggestion.
    – Eyal
    Oct 14, 2012 at 18:48
  • In that case maybe this this should be flagged for a moderator to look at. I've never heard of users being asked to review edits to their own posts, so this may be a bug? Try flagging the post and leave a short message for a moderator asking for help. Also, you don't have to accept my answer above, it didn't really explain what happened. Here in Meta there is no reputation gain/loss so no pressure to accept anything. Good luck figuring it out though. Oct 14, 2012 at 21:31
  • Ok, I flagged it. We'll see if it works out. BTW- I accepted your answer because I assumed that the merging WAS the reason why- I bet I'm not listed as the OP and the other question's OP is (I think his user has been deleted)
    – Eyal
    Oct 15, 2012 at 6:41

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