I have made a feature request recently in meta. You can find it at How about page numbers on the top of pages as well? .

Do I just leave it there or are there any specific steps that I should do in order to get the feature request approved or rejected?

If I am to leave it there, then how does acceptance or rejection of a feature request work out in meta?

Better still, when does a feature-request get accepted or rejected? Is there a threshold value for the number of upvotes or downvotes that it should receive?

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Just leave it there and hope it gets enough attention. As far as I know there is no special conditions for getting a requested feature accepted or rejected. It is all about presenting a good case that those in power happen to approve of. It may be easier to get attention for features that will affect the whole network on Meta Stack Overflow. But it has been said that Stack Exchange employees monitor metas across the network.

Acceptance and rejection of a feature request is handled by Stack Exchange employees. Feature requests can be tagged accord to their status by moderators, i.e. , , , and .

Here are some general tips:

  • As for any question, make sure the title is clear and that you present a clear case of what you are after. Screenshots and mockups are good ways to make your case even clearer.
  • Describe how your feature request can be implemented.
  • Provide arguments for why your feature request should be implemented.
  • Provide arguments for how any problems the feature might case can be handled.
  • If someone argues against you, then you should counter their arguments.
  • Make sure to tag it properly, i.e. as and some appropriate tag on what the feature request relates to.

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