I don't know if this is a new or it's already available.

Every day I mark questions with the favorite button and I'm collecting too many to effectively review them. For example, today I marked 2 more Nvidia problems in Ubuntu 16.04 as favorites. What if one day I have a Matrix Moment by taking the blue pill and now know everything about Nvidia? OK it's unlikely, but how do I find all my favorites that are tagged and by the OP? I would need to do this to share my enlightenment to all the OPs.

I propose a to filter favorites using advanced options but specifically by OP tag(s). AND, OR, XOR and NOT could be supported for multiple tags but that gets complicated with lots of brackets. Filtering by date and title word(s) could also be provided. I think the >3K club members could come up with even more filtering ideas and I hope they speak up (ok type up).

Bonus to create personal categories such as Education, Testing, Grub, EFI, Nautilus, bc, ls, awk, grep, sed and Intel cstate / pstate and apply them to your favorites. Essentially creating your own tags to group favorites together.

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This kind of exists using the advanced search function.

To get your favourites search


and to search a specific tag, for example Nvidia


Now if you put them together

infavorites:mine [nvidia]

We get, more or less, what you are looking for, you can swap mine for any users ID number (check profiles) to search in their favourites too.

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