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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Please block the [help] tag on AU Meta

Could CMs please block the help tag on AU Meta. Following Shog9's guide, we have accomplished the prerequisites: Burninate the tag: A combination of myself and the community have edited out the tag ...
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Why is information about triage and help and improvement review queues there in help center?

In this help center article, there is some information about triage and help and improvement review queues. Triage – Stack Overflow only - 500 reputation. The primary goal of Triage is to quickly ...
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Should Elementary OS be added to the flag text "This is not about an official Ubuntu flavor."?

To make it more clear, here's the flag page/fly-out thing: (Pardon the coloration, as I use a dark theme for the site.) In the very top-most option, it has links to Unix & Linux, Super User, etc. ...
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Add a reply option for comments

Don't you think that it is a good idea to add a reply button to comments to questions and answers? Most people forget to type @username when replying which makes the person who made the previous ...
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No tag for ubuntu on

I want to change here the kubuntu tag to ubuntu. But i could not find it. Is it lost? Or I'am blind.
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Should the tag be removed?

It currently has no watchers. At this time, there are 13 questions tagged with has been discontinued. I saw it in this recent question: compare and move a file from one directory ...
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3 answers

ordered list format feature request -- subtopic numbering

Introduction: While writing a response to a question, I came to a situation where making a sublist improved readability of the post. This works: topic subtopic subsubtopic subtopic topic ...
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Feature Request: Allow commenting on awarded bounties

The sacrifice of privileges in exchange for setting bounties has been covered in a few other questions (1, 2, etc.). While I disagree with the reasoning (my thinking is in line with that of ...
12 votes
3 answers

Add Elementary OS Stack Exchange to the off topic banner

This banner: could now include the Elementary OS site.
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Can we have the review audits suspended from the Late Answers queue?

When there is a lot of work to be done getting 2 3 4 5 6 audits in 18 24 31 40 48 items is more than distracting - one of them actually came three times (I know, its pure random, but still I'd ...
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1 answer

Reveal user id in visible text in user profile

Currently the user id can be revealed by copying the user profile link or write it digit by digit from the link popup tooltip (in case you use GUI browser). That's quite compilated and non-transperant....
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1 answer

Removed previously duplicate answer

I've moved answer from topic on how to change user name with accepted answer, and some likes, to the original one, but since theere was a gap in time between changing the earlier one, and answer to ...
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1 answer

When I have completed the reviews, I still get the number in the top bar

So today I (unusually) reached the max (20) in the suggested edits queue. As you can see, the orange box refers to the suggested edits queue - confirmed because when I click it goes to the suggested ...
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2 answers

Always Allow Voting and Commenting Privleges For Users With More than 200 on other Stack Exchange Sites

As the question Am I allowed to ask for a rep boost indicates, offering a bounty without realizing that you will no longer be able to comment or vote seems to not be atypical. This is exactly what ...
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1 answer

Can we give rep to those who flag questions?

On another meta post, a user suggested that we give rep to those who upvote answers, my suggestion is giving rep to those who give helpful flags. That way we encourage the users to flag questions, ...
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Commenting problems when using Opera Mini to browse AU [closed]

Now comment button wont work for my questions and answer to my questions . Is it a bug or am I blocked due to rude behavier? PS:Commenting IN others questions and its answers still works Edit1 I ...
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Missing tags, will someone with a reputation >= 300 create tags for pyRenamer and Krename

In question regarding batch rename, the tags pyRenamer and Krename don't exists (and should). I don't have the need rep of 300+ to create them. Will someone here - with the capacity to create tags do ...
5 votes
3 answers

Formatting tools keep disappearing...

I am talking about the add image, url etc. Am I the only one? I have a post that needs an image but I can't :P I made a screenshot and it is on my PC but can't use the upload tool. Had to use good ...
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Line break glitch with code tag

Line breaks with code involved leave a thin piece of the code formatting in the previous line: This only seems to happen with the Opera browser (ver. 11.00/11.01).
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