This user was created today, and the user has written 3 answers, of which 2 has been removed as spam (visible to +10k users):

All answers point to the ThinLinc remote desktop solution. This looks like a VNC server/client solution, but it has a subscription fee, which can be seen here.

I think it's fairly obvious that this user is advertising a single product. I flagged all 3 posts as spam - the first flag is "disputed", but the 2 second flags have been accepted as helpful. I can live with that - but I still think this is spam - although somewhat subtle, since it's "on-topic" spam.

What do you think?

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I also think it's spam.

None of the answers actually try to answer the question except to say "use this product/service".

If the user would actually go into detail about how the product/service could answer the question, I would be less likely to define this as spam. But there has been no real effort to actually answer these questions. The postings only exist to promote the product/service.


All three of this user's posts have been deleted as spam; this being said, they shouldn't be able to post answers anymore (the anti-abuse system is doing its job)


ThinLinc is 19 years old though.

We used it at university [a long while back]. Yes, it's paid, but it had management features which made it more useful than the bare VNC servers of the day

Not impossible that it's spam (new user, multiple posts, proprietary software; all strong hints) but sometimes people see multiple places where one answer can work and want more points.

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