A new user responded to my question on installing Ubuntu on an Asus X205 with an answer about installing on a very similar, closely related, machine. This info is very useful and I did give him/her kudos but now the answer has been deleted. I would encourage the mods to restore that answer which I can no longer see.

Please restore that answer. It is useful! I am the OP of the question. There is very little information about installing Ubuntu (or for that matter any Linux distro) on this breed of Bay Trail Intel Atom chips with a 32 bit UEFI (but a 64 bit capable CPU) and any useful information is very very welcome!


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  • The answer wasnt really an answer. It was more of a comment sharing some further insight.

  • Since the poster only had 1 rep, they didn't have the right to post comments.

Thus, I've converted it to a comment which in-turn deletes the answer.

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