Today morning when I logged in to Ask Ubuntu, all of a sudden my reputation points changed from ~7000 to ~7300 but there are no traces. How is this possible?

How can I trace these reputation changes? Also I was getting reputation +5 for a Question up voted to me. But I am getting +10 roughly after reaching 7000 reputation.


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Global Rep Adjustment.

Read "We're rewarding the question askers" on the StackOverflow blog for details. They started implementation yesterday. (Upvotes on questions that were +5 are now +10 so you gain rep from this recalc)

Mods have more details on this than end users do, though, so I'll include this tidbit specific for your reputation for this inquiry only:

Global Recalc: question upvote value change old rep = 7024, new rep = 7364 by Community

(this is moderator-visible only in the tools, which is where I got this from. Everyone has a similar entry if they've posted any question that's gotten upvotes on the site.)

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    I was beaten by Thomas in posting the answer by a minute. Now I know, Mods have more details on this than end users do.
    – Kulfy
    Commented Nov 14, 2019 at 17:48
  • Thank you Thomas. I was trying to catch up with foss, but a couple of days ago I noticed he was now behind me by more than 20K points. So I first thought it was a horrible issue with askubuntu. Since the kids were sick the whole week I was not able to find out what happened, but now I see it was this. Commented Nov 21, 2019 at 2:48

This is because network wide reputation recalculation occurred last night. Earlier an upvote on question used to award +5 reputation points but since yesterday it would award +10 (equal to an upvote on answer). The change was made retroactively, i.e., the reputation was awarded as if it was always +10. You can have a look on reputation page.

You must have a total 60 upvotes on questions, thus adding extra 300 (5*60) points. For more info, read the blog post by Sara Chipps.

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