This one was deleted:

Increase Trackpoint Sensititvity with SystemD (Ubuntu 15.04 or later)

because SystemD is a feature in the next version of Ubuntu. Having reinstalled, I searched for the solution to this systemd issue, and it happened to be the number 1 result on google.

I want to ask the question again; When can I? Or would it be possible to reopen this question?


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You got a response why the question was deleted: Because 15.04 Vivid Vervet is still a development release and if it would have been me, the comment would have been: "We're sorry but bug reports and problems specific to development version of Ubuntu (like 15.04) should be reported on Launchpad so that developers can see, track and fix these issues."

Which should fully answer your question for the present and the future... ;-)

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    How can this be classified as a bug? This is asking, "How do you accomplish x in systemd"?
    – Anon
    Commented Apr 19, 2015 at 0:26
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    @Akiva "systemd destroyed x". I can see how that would be seen as a bug. But I guess what you really meant was "my upstart job doesn't work anymore. How can I get equivalent behaviour with systemd?" which is more of a question. I don't think your question is off-topic because systemd can be installed on supported versions of Ubuntu and 15.04 will be released in days. I've undeleted your question. Please edit it to include the upstart job as well be more precise about what you really mean. Thanks!
    – Seth
    Commented Apr 19, 2015 at 0:31

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