It's just a general query, no big thing. I'm just curious.

I've noticed it a lot of times, but today when I was asking a question regarding adding transparency to windows and dialog boxes, mechanism suggested the Unity tag.

The suggested tags were LibreOffice, Firefox, and Unity. The former two were suggested because I made mention of them. But I never mentioned Unity. Of course the tag suggested was totally appropriate, as the question is related to Unity framework.

So I was just wondering how does the mechanism get it that I'm talking about Unity framework when I never make a mention of it?

Does it check for other words, like window or dialog, to suggest Unity?


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... not really. The system uses a Bayesian-like method to check the content and title of your question, looks at previously asked questions with similar word choices, then suggest the tags that deems appropriated (or so it should be). Here you can see the original post describing how it works.

That's why retagging is important, because it teach the system which questions should use which tag.

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