Tag is a synonym of tag which I think has been deleted??? My understanding is that since it's a synonym tag the system won't automatically remove it like it does with normal tags that see no use, and so I just thought I'd mention it on here. Out of curiosity why doesn't the system automatically delete synonyms when the master is killed, or is this a fluke find?


screenshot of ubuntu tag search results

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The historical order of events:

  1. http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/34/discouraging-ubuntu-tags
  2. was merge-synonymised into because it was implied.
  3. http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/789/deprecate-the-ubuntu-desktop-tag

    Notably the comment from Jeff on the first answer:

    if anything you should tag server questions [server] to differentiate them and assume most questions are about desktop.

  4. Then both were both blacklisted by Jeff. It's still impossible to use either tag.

The synonym is a redundancy, you're right. But it also doesn't hurt, it being there. If one day the blacklist does get altered or lost, at least we'll only have one place to hunt.


I would think it's not magically deleted so that the things that were tagged that way could be indexed in order to put them under new tags if required.

Clarity: I'm guessing, but it would make sense.

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