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We are closing this domain naming thread. It is asking the entirely wrong question. See this blog post for details: Domain Names: Wrong Question

Stack Exchange sites will be keeping their sitename.stackexchange.com name. Due to Stack Exchange's prior agreement with Canonical Ltd., ubuntu.stackexchange.com will receive your askubuntu.com domain name, as originally agreed. Some Stack Exchange sites WILL also receive redirects from the more "popular" domains names. (e.g. seasonedadvice.com to cooking.stackexchange.com, basicallymoney.com to money.stackexchange.com, and others as we go through the list).

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As per the 7 essential Meta questions, we need to pick a domain name for the site.

Please post as answers your proposals for a .com domain name for this site.


  • Name must be available (or parked - see comment in blog post)
  • Avoid dashes where possible
  • .com is the preferred Top Level Domain

Please do NOT post domains that are being used.

  • Incidentally, refreshing the StackAuth data on StackMobile paid off - I got user ID #5 - not bad! – Nathan Osman Jul 28 '10 at 19:11
  • lol... I wonder what the chances of someong going and grabbing anything popular here... – WalterJ89 Jul 28 '10 at 19:29
  • That's not actually legal, FYI. – mlissner Aug 4 '10 at 7:17
  • Why is it not legal? – 8128 Aug 15 '10 at 20:05
  • (although Stack Overflow have registered AskUbuntu.com already, presumably to stop someone doing that!) – 8128 Aug 15 '10 at 20:07
  • bugnumberone.com would be cool and a bit of an in joke, but someone already has it. D'oh. – Richard Holloway Aug 31 '10 at 15:31
  • This is #1 question on meta! – fosslinux Aug 4 '17 at 3:07

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  • Assuming cooperation from Canonical? – andol Jul 28 '10 at 21:51
  • 14
    I am sure that if the community wanted to use ask.ubuntu.com, Canonical would not refuse. – David Siegel Jul 28 '10 at 21:54
  • 3
    While I'm totally up for this I feel it should be a redirect to an actual domain name (AskUbuntu.com is available and is practically identical). – Ross Jul 28 '10 at 23:16
  • 5
    Redirecting is ugly. – David Siegel Jul 29 '10 at 10:01
  • 8
    @Ross, If anything, the redirect should be the other way around, with AskUbuntu.com going to ask.ubuntu.com. – lfaraone Jul 30 '10 at 16:12
  • 1
    @lfaraone: Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking. Do you personally think Canonical would be willing to do this? I'm curious to hear what you think. – Nathan Osman Jul 30 '10 at 22:35
  • 2
    I think strictly it would be the Ubuntu Community Council (CC) that would decide - see the Trademark Policy for more details. The CC may want to have some formal accountability, maybe the right to select or deselect moderators, as they can for the ubuntu forums. – Hamish Downer Aug 1 '10 at 17:57
  • the second awesomest since qa.ubuntu.com is taken – akshatj Aug 3 '10 at 12:45
  • @lfarone, My thinking was that since StackExchange would own the domain, and it wouldn't be hosted at ubuntu.com that the ubuntu.com should refer back to the "master" domain (if that makes sense). – Ross Aug 7 '10 at 13:17
  • 2
    Seeking to use an ubuntu.com subdomain would create needless conflict with Ubuntu Ask. ubuntu.shapado.com – moberley Aug 11 '10 at 23:36
  • 2
    @moberley: Woah that site's...it looks just like it's one of these. Actually, it looks like a FOSS version of SE. But how would using a ubuntu.com subdomain conflict? That site doesn't end in .ubuntu.com – maco Aug 18 '10 at 18:33
  • @maco it would be us trying to be the 'official' ask site. Why should we go to *.ubuntu.com when they aren't... – 8128 Aug 19 '10 at 6:35
  • 3
    @maco I used the word "conflict" in the personal rather than technical sense. My understanding is the creator of Ubuntu Ask wanted a Q&A site running free software that could be multilingual. By seeking official status for this site it creates a platform for arguments about closed versus open that are unlikely to be resolved. It seems inconsiderate to go in that direction when there are good alternatives. – moberley Aug 19 '10 at 23:21
  • 2
    I agree with moberley. This is not an Ubuntu.com site. It should be separate. There is a lot of politics tied up in the existence of this site as it is with arguments about closed / open solutions unix SE / ubuntu SE. ask.ubuntu.com just feels wrong to me. – Richard Holloway Aug 31 '10 at 15:44
  • Yes, but. It'd be replacing a sucky closed-source solution (VB) with a awesome one. If you don't like it, don't use it, just as we have with the forums. – lfaraone Aug 31 '10 at 18:35

Ask Ubuntu



  • 8
    Meh. Sounds like you're asking somebody named Ubuntu something. Confusing. – mlissner Aug 4 '10 at 7:18
  • 1
    It wins and stands. – nanofarad Nov 12 '12 at 1:11

Ubuntu Exchange



  • has my vote so far – jjesse Jul 28 '10 at 21:38
  • 5
    This doesn't have much appeal to me over ubuntu.stackexchange.com – McDowell Jul 29 '10 at 22:58
  • 2
    I like this, but I do worry that as stack exchange becomes the next vbulletin, that this will seem stranger and stranger as time goes by. – mlissner Aug 4 '10 at 7:20

Trying to put the human element back into this and I realise I have missed the mark a little and it just sounds cheesy but, what about something like



As in, "I am stuck. I know I'll ask My Ubuntu Buddy."

Or in forum threads you can link to answers on this site by saying

You can find out more from My Ubuntu Buddy.

It is supposed to feel like you are referring to a good friend who knows about Ubuntu rather than yet another knowledge base site.

  • To me there is something very appealing about this compared to the other options presented here. – 8128 Sep 1 '10 at 20:26
  • @fluteflute: Thanks buddy. Feel free to suggest alternatives on this theme. BTW I just realise you are practically my next door neighbour, I'm in West Sussex. – Richard Holloway Sep 2 '10 at 22:01
  • I think this suggestion is a victim of coming along too late. The three suggestions 'above' all have downvotes, and in pretty significant quantities. This idea has none... – 8128 Oct 1 '10 at 9:01
  • 1
    There's a special place in hell for those that create popular My* names. – Roger Pate Oct 20 '10 at 17:34
  • @Roger, Thankfully I have been saved from that fate. :) I never liked the name either but the idea of referring to the site as a person. – Richard Holloway Oct 21 '10 at 12:47


I think that the present domain would be

  1. simple to remember
  2. good for people who know stackexchange
  3. good for SEO (maybe not that useful, since SE sites are well indexed)
  4. a nice precedent (repeating points 1,2,3 for the other SE sites going beyond beta stage)
  • No, these subdomains are exclusively for the purpose of holding the beta. They are not intended to be permanent. – Nathan Osman Oct 1 '10 at 16:23
  • Perhaps is something changeable? "A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open." :D – dag729 Oct 1 '10 at 16:27

Ubuntu Wisdom



  • I think this is better than the current number of votes suggests! – 8128 Aug 19 '10 at 6:36

Ubuntu Crowd



  • 2
    sounds like a social network for diehard ubuntu fanboys – akshatj Aug 3 '10 at 12:46

Ubuntu Knowledge





In ref to UbuntuExchange.com and the ill-thought expertsexchange.com

  • 7
    +1 on this because its funny on many levels. Do not count this as a vote of me wanting this domain though. – Dmitriy Likhten Sep 30 '10 at 19:16
  • Exactly. Is it different than ExpertSexChange.com -- sorry for the caps. – Dmitriy Likhten Oct 1 '10 at 18:06







but it sounds like professional support :(






Both available.

  • nice domains... – WalterJ89 Jul 28 '10 at 19:34
  • isnt this the slogan for Ubuntu? I liked it although askubuntu.com does seem more aporpriate now that I see it – WalterJ89 Jul 29 '10 at 15:52

Ultimate Ubuntu



  • Ubuntu ultimate is another distro – Tachyons Nov 14 '12 at 1:55

Ubuntu Junction




All Ubuntu




How about something like


A reference to the Apple claim that their stuff "just works". Linux certainly doesn't "just work." But here, any mess you're in trying to get Ubuntu to work is solved.

Just an idea. And, it's available.


Expert Ubuntu



  • sounds like a personal blog of some african dude. – akshatj Aug 3 '10 at 12:30

Uber Ubuntu



  • 2
    sounds like a fanboy site – akshatj Aug 3 '10 at 12:17

Inspired by the adjective animal-noun meme suggested by McDowell, I thought of the


but there is a site using that name already :/ though it still has "lorum ipsum" text all over the place, so they may yet go bust and leave the domain free ...

There is also an existing http://orangepenguin.com/ but http://auberginepenguin.com/ is available, though it is doesn't trip off the tongue the way purple does ...



I like this one. As a bonus it goes with the Ubuntu human theme (both philosophy and ui) :)


MAN Ubuntu



  • man as in manual... i'd give it +1 but this isnt really a manual – WalterJ89 Jul 29 '10 at 15:54

Thinking a little more about alliterative penguins


Not as ubuntu specific as the purple penguin, but might still be OK ... It does have the advantage of being available.



I figured people have issues with getting up and running with ubuntu. I was going to suggest


But that has no umph to it.


buntubuntu.com is available, at least according to whois.

I think its neat, because it can be read as 'buntu buntu' , or 'bunt ubuntu' (probably depending on how frustrated you might be at the moment).

  • -1 for being extremely hard to spell – Nico Burns Jul 29 '10 at 19:58
  • buntbuntubuntubuntu :o – Tachyons Nov 14 '12 at 1:54

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