According to this question we should discuss our site's style, including the color scheme and logo. These are a few of the questions we should answer:

  • What's the theme of the site? (sophisticated, airy, friendly, etc.)
  • What colors should be used on the site?
  • What color should the background be?
  • What should our logo be? (ideas and rough sketches are fine; most of us aren't artists)
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    I'd just like to comment that the AskUbuntu site is extremely good looking. Excellent job! Commented Dec 28, 2010 at 22:37

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It would seem to me as though the site should follow the new Ubuntu design. There is a design document available (supplemental to the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines) that outlines all the different logos, colors, and various elements and their meaning.


Website style guide from the Canonical Design team.


Personally I think some branding ala the Canonical standards is needed for the header to ensure users realise it is an officially supported Ubuntu site. However, I also think keeping it clean and simple like now is very very important because the basic stack overflow/exchange schemes are part of their success.

Therefore I would suggest the Logo strip be used, although I have to say I quite like the current light blue sketched logo!

How about half way between the two?


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