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11 votes

The top menu has moved to the left

Sorry about that. I broke this while rolling out support for fixed topbar across all network sites. There's no graceful way to make this work right now with the custom bar in play as well. Not ...
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10 votes

How do I review?

The new review icon (which only appears when you have 500 reputation or more) looks like this: or in context (ooh look a tooltip!) it's been suggested that it looks kinda like a stapler... This ...
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8 votes

Since a few days, no rep changes occur "in green", not getting pinged

A few days ago you lost a sizeable chunk of rep due to a user being removed. See May 25th. When you lose reputation, due to downvotes or vote reversals of any sort, we don't show you reputation ...
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7 votes

Bug with new top bar

Thanks for reporting! Fix for this is waiting in repo for next build so should be up in couple hours.
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4 votes

The Juju link in the top bar is incorrect

Fixed, the Juju link is pointing to the correct address now.
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3 votes

New navbar bug review queues not operating as expected

Looks like I was wrong and the new behaviour is intentional. It's not so much the fault of the new topbar itself, but rather an attempt to draw attention to review in different ways at around the same ...
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