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Not getting some of the comment and badge notifications

It looks like the system is working in its intended and slightly confusing way. You only get comment notifications when the system thinks the message is for you You made a comment that the OP ...
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Why is the time displayed in my achievements notification area 1 hour behind the actual time?

It's in UTC time, the time on which all of SE ticks. It's not local time and no there is no "fix".
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Not receiving notifications

I am now receiving notifications. I realized that I had created an account on Ask Ubuntu without creating one for Stack Exchange itself. It seems that, after creating a Stack Exchange account, I was ...
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Is it possible to join global inboxes of two accounts?

You could probably just forward your own e-mails. Set it up so you get e-mail reminders for all the things. In Users → Preferences → Emails In the account you have setup for e-...
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