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How can we help make better?

The Ubuntu App Developer website makes use of Ask Ubuntu questions for its "Cookbook" feature. The App Developer Cookbooks are: a collection of short examples, how to’s and answered questions from ...
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Link broken in duplicate answer flags view

In the 10k+ tools for reviewing flags I see this glitch: This link used to work (at least yesterday). I could then click on the link to go to the automatically marked duplicate answer.
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Is there a query application?

I was wondering if there was any single query application which could take in the question of the person then send it to all open source help related sites like,, ...
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Can someone whip up a quick script for UWN?

I would like to see the Ubuntu Weekly News add a section for SE questions. The thing is that it's run by non-technical people and since the data we need is already in SE I figured someone could whip ...
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Tools for Ask Ubuntu

As some of you know, I have created some tools for Stack Exchange sites (like Ask Ubuntu) on Stack Apps. What tools have been developed for Ask Ubuntu, or are especially useful to Ask Ubuntu users?