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20 votes
2 answers

What's your Ubuntu question? Be specific

I don't exactly know why this is the case anyway, but I have quite often seen new questions with the above title ('What's your Ubuntu question? Be specific') as the person asking the question cannot ...
0 votes
0 answers

Title of page does not reflect suggested edits

The title of the page (the text on the tab) should reflect the post with the proposed edits, not the original version. E.g., this question should display Snap store isn't installing as the title of ...
5 votes
1 answer

Attaching [SOLVED] to title of questions with accepted answers

Is it good practice to attach [SOLVED] to a solved question's title? I know this helps a lot when searching forums, but in a SO environment there is a visual clue for solved questions.
2 votes
0 answers

How to install a downloaded .deb file along with its dependencies in a system with an internet connection (offline?)

Despite the teaser in this Meta question's title, the title of the question that was closed is How to install a downloaded .deb file along with its dependencies in a system with an internet connection,...
3 votes
5 answers

Are questions starting with "How to..." okay?

I noticed there are many questions with titles of the form: How to "do something"? For example, How to upgrade a single package using apt-get? I reckon grammatically these are invariably ...
11 votes
1 answer

Has anyone been irked by titles starting with "Has anyone ..."?

Well, has anyone?? (Part 2.) Okay, but seriously. Has Anyone Used ISPconfig 3 Has anyone installed Real Player? Has anyone compiled eSpeak Text-to-Speech? Has anyone successfully installed Syspro ...
4 votes
2 answers

how are tags ordered and why only the first one is included in the question title?

I'm supposing that tags specified are reordered by occurrences (the most used fo first). The first tag goes directly in title of the question, not the others, even if they could be better related and ...
2 votes
1 answer

Why do certain tags also go in tab title?

I am asking a question extending from this one: Why for instance in this ...
9 votes
0 answers

Enable checks on question titles for weak word selection

Today I was editing a migrated question in SO, which contained the word "Help" just to be greeted with a message: I was all O_O when saw this. When I wrote
2 votes
0 answers

Spam question title still showing up in the <title> tag

The following question was flagged as spam and promptly deleted: (only visible to 10k users) The title displayed on the page states that: "This question ...
8 votes
1 answer

Should I change question title of: Some services won't start a startup?

I answered this question: Some services won't start a startup? and, as OP said, it seems that workaround fix the problem. Later I found this question: Sickbeard start service on boot not working: ...
2 votes
1 answer

Title cannot contain "../.."

I wrote the question alias for cd ../.. and it doesn't accept the title: the .. at the end always disappears. Bug or feature? FYI: also applies to this Meta question.
4 votes
2 answers

Edit question title or make new question?

I had a question that I asked about owncloud server 12.04. I recently had the person that answered the question review it and make sure it's relevant to 14.04.1. Should I edit this question, ...
6 votes
2 answers

Should "ubuntu" and "linux" be kept on question titles?

AskUbuntu couldn't be more explicitly about Ubuntu, a specific Linux distribution. (Duh, right?) With that in mind, should questions like this be renamed? How to set up multiple IP addresses? how ...
7 votes
3 answers

What are the implications of various CAPPED/spaced keywords in a title? Should title keyword match package spelling?

For example: What are the implications of network manager vs NetworkManager? Where are the NetworkManager logs? Should I bother updating the title or tags to include how the package is named in ...
0 votes
0 answers

How can I or how to?

In a question title, is it better to put "How to do X" or "How can I do X" if I want to know how to do X?