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Can you use Gravatar?

I have Gravatar, but I want to have it as my user icon. Anyway, I can do that? My Gravatar is [email removed], and I also would like to see if that we had Gravatar, would it remove any stickers? ...
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broken link avatar image

So I must get this out of my chest. ;-) Why do so many people have a broken image symbol as avatar image ? Do they provide broken image link ? Or is it askubuntu ? Can this be fixed ? Isn't this has ...
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Can I add picture to my profile if I am using OpenID?

I logged in to using my Launchpad OpenID, but, afaik Gravatar uses email address to identify the account. How will be linked to this profile in this case?
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Why is Gravatar necessary for profile pic , any other option available

Just today i tried to add Profile Pic on AU , but change picture takes me to Don't we have other choice like simple Uploading window to put a pic ( IMO the required size X*Y resolution),...
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