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Formatting could mean the form and layout of any text or any other type of document. Formatting could also imply the preparation of storage media for accepting data. This would mean Formatting is the synonym of Formatting.

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Code fence formatting problems to watch out for and fix

Since the start of 2019, code fences have been fully supported on Stack Exchange sites. By code fences, I mean the use of opening and closing triple backticks to format a code block. The effect of ...
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Descenders in comments chopped off in Windows Chrome

In my browser (Chrome 29 on Windows 7), descenders are chopped off in comments, which makes it fairly annoying to read, as g's look like q's (most other letters with descenders are fairly unambiguous, ...
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Preformatted text horizontal scrolling - bug or feature?

AskUbuntu help recommend to style pre-formatted text and console output with #four spaces But sometimes it results in scrolling text. See this question as an example. The problematic line (as ...
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