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2 answers

Are we making overly extensive answers, that could somehow make afraid the users?

I've seen questions lately that only ask about how to upgrade from one version to the next (not LTS, not skipping releases) that are even getting upvoted (for godness sake). I don't see where is the ...
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"Can I run X game that is Only-Windows game in Ubuntu?" we need a canonical question?

Latelly I got the felling that we are now the WineHQ site, where people can ask "will X game run in Ubuntu?". I would love make them check the WineHQ, or ask the makers if they have a Linux version ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Do we need a canonical partition recovery question? How shall we make it?

We have many questions about how to recover a whole partition. Typically it's an NTFS partition, destroyed by telling Ubiquity to install Ubuntu using the entire disk instead of alongside other ...
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We need a central list of canonical answers or best answers for oft-seen question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are common canonical questions for our site? When a user posts a question about, for instance, Ubuntu freezing, it would be useful to have a page that list the most ...
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Need a canonical answer for repository versions

We need a canonical answer for "Why do the repositories not have the latest versions of software". Anyone who can write one (if one does not already exist) will be rewarded with a +100 Rep bonus ...
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