Questions tagged [burnination-request]

This tag is to be used when requesting a deletion (but not blacklisting) of a tag on either the main or meta Ask Ubuntu site.

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17 votes
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I need some [help] getting rid of this tag from Ask Ubuntu Meta!

This tag is fully useless IMO. We don't need it. So... we have a help tag on Meta Ask Ubuntu (NOT the main site). IMO, it is useless. Let's go through the criteria to get rid of it: Does it describe ...
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This [amazon] should die with honor!

Yes, I found this question. But I think it is worth revisiting. Turns out I wasn't supposed to ask multiple questions in one. Oops. This post is about the amazon tag, and ones for the microsoft tag ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Meta: Burninate [merge-request]

The tag merge-request on Meta has 7 question, of which have many different interpretations of the tag. All these questions if they really need the tag can create a more specific one. Stats: 0 ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Re-keying [key] to be more useful

Recently, I discovered the existence of key. This tag is currently being used for both cryptographic keys (SSH/GPG/RSA/etc.) as well as keys on one's keyboard. A tag that functions like this has, in ...
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Can we burninate [prompt]?

I don't see much point of the prompt tag, and it only has ~100 questions tagged with it. Shall we burninate it? P.S. Let's also nuke lag
14 votes
1 answer

Can we burninate shared?

shared is useless. Just completely and utterly useless. It doesn't refer to anything currently, is used all over the place (shared folders/shared libraries/shared memory), and has no definition for ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Why do we have [updates]?

Updates can happen in almost any piece of software. Update this database (engine) or this database (entry). Update the (package) list or update the (file) list. It has very well-defined meaning but ...
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What is the [packages] tag useful for?

We have .deb or was deb, well, we have that. We have package-management as well. Why do we need yet-another-tag without someone that can be actually be an expert of all aspect of the "packages" topic? ...
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