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Yearling badge awarded multiple times today

I'm getting some odd behavior on the site today, it's awarded me the yearling badge 5 times over and keeps doing so every hour or so, perhaps in response to some actions I'm taking, but I can't tell ...
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Badges getting cut in half

Seems like the badges are getting cut in half. Attaching the screenshot below
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Receiving a badge does not correspond to it's description

Today I answered a question for the first time (which made me very happy) and received some badges. One of them looks strange. Teacher badge description says: "Answer a question with score of 1 or ...
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Different badges in main user and meta, Reputations only for main user

There is independence between awarded badges on askubuntu main user and meta user. But reputations is same for main user and meta user. However, voting and accepting questions and answers on meta ...
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