I've seen several of these lately, and one of the latest one had the side-bar filled with them, none of them with marked answers, as you can see here:


Here are the links:

These are all slightly different, but still similar. There has to be some dupes there, but I have no clue which ones to mark!



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Answer them. If a answer is not possible, close them. Comment them to get OP input if it's not clear, but never duplicate them against questions that will not help.

If accepted/upvoted answers is given, then ask those answerers to make a new question about the models/chips their answers works against, to make them searchable.


It seems Wifi problems are common not just to Ubuntu, but other Linux OS's as well, including of course Ubuntu derivatives. Perhaps there should be a sticky/section dedicated to Wifi problems? Have it mentioned that when you post your problem, to put in make, model, and what wireless internet chip they are using.

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