Can anyone provide a list of places that Ask Ubuntu is being used to enhance the Ubuntu community?

This is intended as a community wiki question for us to collect and celebrate the use other parts of the Ubuntu community are making of us.

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    Doesn't the FAQ say to still phrase it in the form of a question? Should the "answer" be in an answer instead of in the question?
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omgubuntu.co.uk now has a cool sidebar on each page with AU questions and answers, and it looks pretty slick too:

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    Cool - I hadn't noticed that before. Commented Mar 23, 2011 at 22:20

Launchpad mentions AU on the reporting a bug page:

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  • Ubuntu One's support page lists us as the first place to ask for help, and contains a link to the relevant tag page.
  • The homepages of each of the Unity family projects (Unity, Application Indicators, uTouch and Notify OSD) contains a prominent "Frequently Asked Questions" link to the relevant tag page. In fact Ask Ubuntu links have be sprinkled over all of unity.ubuntu.com

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