I have been on and off the Stack Exchange network for the last couple of days and hence have not been able to raise the usual number of flags that I often raise. With last flagged post on 17th June; I thought about raising some flags for our dear moderators - and I am allowed to raise 100 flags for the day (sorry, the image shows 99 - I took the screenshot after flagging one of the posts):

flag dialog

Previously, as far as I remember, I had about 42 normal flags and about 37/38 spam and offensive flags. Right now, the total of 100 counts towards both normal and spam/offensive flags.

Is this some special privilege alloted to me for my absence for the last few days? My permanent flag count? A bug?

Has any other user ever had the privilege to flag the maximum of 100 posts?

PS: My flag count on Meta and other SE network sites is normal as it should be.


Jarrod Dixon, a developer for Stack Exchange, said in a comment that comment flags weren't being counted correctly before; so in the new build your flag count includes comment flags (if that makes any sense..)

Comment flags now appear in your flag history as well.


As it looks, you are so awesome, the SE system awarded you with 100 flags which makes you an
H onorary A skUbuntu V ery E xtensive F lagger with U tter N oticeableness

Since I am a mod I am doomed to stay like this forever and suffer from the weight of knowing I will never be able to finish them all on time...EVER!:

enter image description here

PS: I think the whole system just got reset/updated and everyone now has/starts with 100 flags.


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