As some of you have noticed, the SE admins were migrating the services to the NY data centre again yesterday.

Unfortunately, some data seems to have been lost in the minutes before the site became read-only. It's at least a few minutes, but maybe more. On MSO, this has been discussed, as it was a SE-wide issue. This was acknowlegded by the SE team and it appears that data is restorable and that it was successful for MSO.

In that very post on MSO I mentioned AU as well (I only had specific evidence for a Meta-AU post), but now the post is closed while none of the data here has been restored.

On Meta AU we lost an answer to this question: How to watch for hidden gems?. There were two, the one answered by AbrahamVanHelpsing is gone. – gertvdijk 23 hours ago


What do you mean "closed as too localized"? Data is still lost on AU! – gertvdijk 15 mins ago

With the response:

@gertvdijk Make that a new question. – Bart 14 mins ago

So, there it is. The new "question":

Can we please get our data back on AU and MAU?

This example in the comments is just one example. I've heard reports of people losing reputation and upvotes as well.


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