It might be an obvious question for those who know, but I can't find an answer to it.

Recently, I started working with sphinx which uses reStructuredText. It somehow looked familiar to Ask Ubuntu's system. What exactly is Ask Ubuntu's formatting system?


EDIT: The following page on SO seems to suggest that it is Markdown and not reStructuredText: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/editing-help This page is similar to https://askubuntu.com/editing-help Are AU and SO using Markdown?

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Are AU and SO using Markdown?


Is AskUbuntu using reStructuredText?


stackoverflow.com/page [...] This page is similar to askubuntu.com/page

They're part of the same network of sites: StackExchange.

  • I think my question actually included this answer. Anyway, you're right and I am happy to be confirmed. Delft boven.
    – don.joey
    Jan 18, 2013 at 12:59

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