This is a question about how to get an interface in Ubuntu that resembles an interface available in Linux Mint:

This question is about Ubuntu. It mentions Linux Mint, but it is asking how to do something in Ubuntu. This is completely on-topic for our site as per the FAQ.

As Anwar said:

I don't think, this is off-topic. The OP wants to install a menu like mate menu in Linux mint. This question is similar to the question "How to install cinnamon in Ubuntu?"

This is a perfectly on-topic question, and it has good answers too. The only explanation I can think of for why it was closed, is that the close-voters may have seen the phrase "Linux Mint" and assumed the question was not about Ubuntu, without reading further.

I believe this question was closed in error and that we should reopen it.


The question has been reopened (see its revision history for details).


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