Title says it all. This question inspired this meta-Q. So, are questions about removing another OS but Ubuntu on-topic?

Relevant comments:

mint is offtopic on askubuntu. But you can format the partition with mint on it with gparted. FOr the remainder: mount the partitions and you can c/p data. – Rinzwind

@Rinzwind while Mint is off-topic, I don't believe this question truly is. the OP wants to remove Mint(and maybe Windows as well) and keep Ubuntu. If a question about removing another OS and keeping Ubuntu is really off-topic, there are a lot of questions on askubutu about removing Windows and keeping Ubuntu that are off-topic as well..... – TrailRider Aug 15 '12 at 0:21

BTW, I edited the tags/title to be easier to search, but I still think that there should another dupe.

If you haven't noticed this Q doesn't need TLDR!

Relevant: Is this the right place to ask a question about installing another OS on an Ubuntu computer?


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In my opinion, this and all such questions are be on-topic because it is a part of administration on Ubuntu and all questions related to administration on Ubuntu are on-topic. Quoting the help-center:

We welcome questions about:

  • Using and administering Ubuntu, including official Ubuntu derivatives.
  • Running third-party applications on Ubuntu.
  • Development on Ubuntu.
  • Services provided by Ubuntu
  • Any question not mentioned below or here are great! There are no "dumb" questions!

Removing an OS using Ubuntu is absolutely related to Ubuntu, in fact, it may be a fundamental operation while installing Ubuntu itself.


IMHO If the machine has Ubuntu(not compulsory) in it and/or the question states it(that removing has anything to do with Ubuntu or another os(es) that are multi-boot with Ubuntu :=> compulsory) then it's definitely NOT-OFF TOPIC [Also the question should be about resolving within Ubuntu unless it is removing Ubuntu using another OS]


The question you link is clearly off topic. It is about about Mint and GRUB, not directly related to Ubuntu in any way. It would fit better at the Linux/Unix site.

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