The account I'm logged in with now is one that I guess was made when I logged in for the first time. It uses my Gmail account to authenticate it. But I am working very hard to try and move entirely away from everything Google. I have an Android phone, but don't use the Play store at all. Instead I use F-Droid Repository. And later if the 100% free software rom, Replicant, is ported to a Verizon device. I will switch to using it.

But upon trying to switch AskUbuntu over to my Launchpad ID clem11388 instead of Gmail. It instead created an entirely new user called: user65492 . All my points/repuation are back to zero with that account. And I very much don't feel like starting from scratch. Is there anyway I can have a moderator transfer this account over to my Launchpad ID? I can provide login credentials (only by secure means) if necessary.

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I have merged your launchpad ID account with your Daniel Clem account. You should now be able to login using your Launchpad account credentials.

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