On my android smart phone, I was able to access "Ask ubuntu" with my browser with a resolution specifically designed for the phone (it was perfect). Then, I accidentally hit a small link labelled "web" and the result isn't pretty, in fact it's very unintuitive. It has no resemblance to the AU site at all.

I would really like to get this resolution back as I visit the AU site almost everyday and my question is, does anyone know how?

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At the bottom of the page(it may be awkward to get to) there is a link labelled "Mobile". That link will set the display to the mobile interface. Also ,you could use a javascrpt console to run

StackExchange.switchMobile('on', '/')

but it will move you to the homepage. Note that this javascript cannot be run from a javascript: url. It must be run from a web console. Tested on Firefox 14.

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