I have seen recently that, When I re-tag a question, It is considered as edit. Then I can even reverse my vote on that question. I have a feeling that, It should not be considered as edit since, The actual meaning of the question is not changed. Also I think, very few of the answerer get information from tag. (I also answered a question, where OP put only a tag to inform me, he is using xubuntu. later I have to edit that answer). Also, someone might misuse this feature for removing their upvotes.

So, my question is, Why re-tagging should be considered as edit?

My view is: You have given the chance to re-vote the question after edit, because in that way, you can re-judge the question and can give your vote accordingly. As, simply re-tagging doesn't change the meaning of the question, why should you be given the chance to re-merit the question?

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It seems to me that re-tagging may clarify the meaning of a question, which could cause someone to change their mind about a vote (either up or down).

  • In particular, I've noticed that some questions that are not bug reports but have the tag are downvoted, perhaps because people don't read closely enough to see that the question is actually about how to investigate a crash or report a bug. When that tag is removed and a more specific and appropriate tag is added (like or ), those voters might realize that the question doesn't deserve a downvote. They should be able to reverse their vote under these circumstances.

  • This also applies to upvotes. A wrongly tagged question might seem good, but turn out to be poorly researched or to lack important information when retagging reveals it's about something else.

Also, a question is sometimes retagged to add information provided in a comment. OP's should usually be editing their questions to provide new information rather than posting comments, but it still does sometimes make sense to change a vote on a question in response to new information provided by the OP in a comment. We can't provide for this in general while still restricting vote reversal, but we can cover some useful cases by allowing vote reversals when the question is retagged.

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    Tags make the site work, some people give them too less value :/ Commented Jul 16, 2012 at 9:57

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