Yesterday I answered this question.

Today I noticed the question has been edited and now my answer only makes partial sense. Should I edit it accordingly?

Secondly, if it was a decision by a moderator to edit this question, why did they not send me a comment to suggest that I modify the answer to make it more meaningful. Also some comments left by others are now redundant because the question has been edited. I guess I'm using this as an example of what to do in this situation. I don't want to leave a legacy of ambiguity for other members.

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Good spot - and perhaps an unfortunate oversight from the editor.

The edit was clear and was valid - the title and main part of the question was referring to gnome-screenshot. The reference to Paint wasnt key to the question.

Can I suggest, when reviewing and answering questions - best prompt the OP by dropping a comment to split the question into multiple questions.

If you can, edit the question to focus on the OP's main area and remove the non-associated part of the question.

Finally - to answer your meta question directly - yes, if you can, edit your answer to reflect the edited question - or delete it if you are unsure.


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