What are the list of keyboard shortcuts you can use on this site? I know I can get each shortcut by hovering my mouse over the buttons above the answer text area but I was wondering if there's a list somewhere.

Just for clarification's sake I'm not talking about the markdown editing help page

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The list of keyboard-shortcuts for the buttons listed above the answer's text area (in their order of appearance) are as follows:

Bold = Ctrl+B

Italics = Ctrl+I

Hyperlink = Ctrl+L

Blockquote = Ctrl+Q

Code Tags = Ctrl+K

Imageenter image description here = Ctrl+G

  1. Ordered list = Ctrl+O

  • Unordered list = Ctrl+U

Heading = Ctrl+H

Horizontal Rule = Ctrl+R

Undo = Ctrl+Z

Redo = Ctrl+Shift+Z


Don't forget the wonderful user script which gives you MOAR KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS!!


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