Moderator Note: This is already reported on the main StackExchange meta site: Positive reputation notification for edit approvals uses relative URL, which causes the link to go to the wrong place

You will have better luck tracking that topic/item than tracking here on Ask Ubuntu, as this is a network-wide issue.

I have a notification that seems to link to the current StackExchange website I'm on. Here is a screenshot of it linking to AskUbuntu:

Screenshot showing me hovering the cursor over a notification with the site icon of crypto stackexchange, but the link goes to askubuntu

Now that I'm on meta.askubuntu.com, it links to that site instead. What is should link to is crypto.stackexchange.com. When clicking the notification, it of course tries to find this question ID on the current site and happens to come up with a 'this question was deleted' and confused the heck out of me for a while.

Not sure where to best report this, sorry if this is not the best spot I just happen to know of the meta post mechanism where you can tag posts with .


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Answer from MSE by kristinalustig (Staff)

Thanks for reporting! I fixed this issue - it was due to a refactoring error in a switch statement determining how we were creating the URL for the Achievements tab. Those dang fall-throughs... Anyway, it's no longer a relative URL so this should work just fine - please let me know if you're still seeing any issues.

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