May be this question is for stackexchange but i stick on askubuntu i always visit askubuntu not stackexchange. so my question is, is it possible to notify by the top notification bar when new question is posted, if i open askubuntu.com/questions and/or readying some question. this is not a lazy question :) it is just prevent refresh every time to see the new questions. also it is will be nice for someone who has a slow internet connection like me.

it is just make the site more flexible.

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A better idea might be to use a browser extension or applet built with the Stack Exchange API. For example, here's one for Chrome, and another one for Firefox, Chrome and Opera, that does exactly what you want, and more. Find more of these apps on Stack Apps.

You can also try following the Ask Ubuntu twitter feed or the RSS feed. In short, there are so many ways to be informed of new questions, there really isn't a need to build something like this into the site itself.

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