There are two links in Ask Ubuntu contact page.

Screenshot of links in https://askubuntu.com/contact

  • If the link already redirects to ubuntu.com/contact-us, is there any reason to change it? Also, why do we need to care about ways of contacting Canonical? We're not Canonical, we don't work for them, we're just volunteers. If they want some other link there, then they can contact SE and deal with it. Is this really something relevant to the AU community?
    – terdon
    Aug 20 at 16:09
  • @terdon Both the links are HTTP links; at least they can be changed to HTTPS links. At the end of the day, the contact links exist in our contact page, so we must care about it. IMO, your comment talks about the purpose of having the contact links. I suggest you to create a separate meta post proposing to remove the contact links if you feel they are unnecessary. Aug 20 at 17:50
  • 1
    Tagging this for review because at minimum we should be sending by secure links. These were probably missed because I don't think anyone realized Ask Ubuntu had custom links set there.
    – animuson StaffMod
    Aug 20 at 22:59

Both links should be removed.

To me, they look like legacy stubs that never really took off and have outlived their usefulness.

Neither provides a useful way to communicate with the Ubuntu Project.

  • Ubuntu Contact leads to https://ubuntu.com/contact-us

    ...which, in turn, has a 'technical support' link leading to https://ubuntu.com/support/contact-us
    (The page sells Ubuntu Advantage. It's not a support page)

    ...which, in turn has a 'Need Help?' section with a link right back to AskUBuntu.

  • Contact Canonical leads directly to the same sales page for Ubuntu Advantage.

The most effective way for users to communicate with the Ubuntu Project is generally for the user to ask a question about their specific problem on AskUbuntu.

AskUbuntu should not be funneling lost querants to a sales page. It's (not intentionally) misleading and seems disingenuous to new and lost users.

  • Thanks for sharing your opinion! I suggest you to post a feature request in Ask Ubuntu Meta or Meta Stack Exchange regarding removing the links. Aug 21 at 17:47

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