There's tag, which has as description:

Questions about opening / editing / saving images using image-editing applications.

And then there's with no description.


  1. As far as image-editing goes, we already have tags for and for specific applications like and

  2. Opening and finding images on disk - that can easily fall under or .

So what do you think, community? Do we need these tags?


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is a poor tag name, not only because it does not define any specific task or software, but also because it has more than one distinct meaning, especially in our scope. A brief survey shows that this tag is being used for questions about images that are not pictures of stuff, for example

It seems to me that those three posts (there are more examples similar to each of them) do not benefit from an tag and the "image" aspects of them are sufficiently defined by tags like and . We also have a tag which would be applicable to the first two.

There are currently 476 posts with this tag, which means a long process to remove it by editing. The majority of the questions are about image processing or specific software as you suggested, and some can simply be tagged , but some of them are about converting non-images to images (there is a tag but that is probably at least as problematic as ), or about viewing or saving or identifying or organising images. may not be appropriate for all of them. There is a tag which may be more suitable for some. Careful work is needed to apply specific software tags where appropriate.

is probably less ambiguous, but similarly unnecessary and vague in failing to define a specific task or program.

Both should be carefully removed, imho.

We also have a tag which doesn't seem useful...

  • Agreed. IMHO the edge cases you mention can be covered by other tags. The first 2 appear to be good candidates for disk-image while the third one looks like it's already tagged kernel and doesn't need the images at all. I've edited them accordingly.
    – Elder Geek
    Commented Jul 17, 2018 at 13:20

No we don’t, let’s retag the questions according to your suggestions and remove both and .

Feel free to edit this answer to add your reasons why we should delete these tags.

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