We have 3 quite similar and somewhat ambiguous tags:

, , and .

Only contains an ounce of info. But only an ounce:

Questions about opening / editing / saving images using image-editing applications.

Are these tags the same? Do they need merging? If not, do they need tag wikis so that people (like me) can know that they're not the same?

And while we're at it, here on Meta, and .

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Both and are ambiguous, the tag description is neither helpful. There are at least two meanings that I can think of:

  • image in the meaning of "picture" or "photo"
  • image in the meaning of "disk-image" (also: firmware images)

I'd drop (blacklist) both the and tag and tag these to or . For , it should be clear that this is really about editing pictures and such. The disadvantage is that visitors are likely searching for "image" or "imaging" instead of "disk image" when they mean to write an image to a USB or something. The second solution is to keep the tag, but allow for both meanings, but add extra tags to questions as needed.

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