I created my Ask Ubuntu login with my Google login, but if I try to manually login with my Google email, and regular Google password (rather than using the "Google" login button), I get "wrong password" (or something similar). If I can manually login to Ask Ubuntu with my Google email, and regular Google password, then I can use the LastPass entry to login. Why does this not work? I am using the correct password as evidenced by successfully logging out of, and back into Google manually, AND logging into Google using LastPass.

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    The email and password boxes are for SE openIDs only.
    – Seth
    Commented Feb 26, 2017 at 22:36

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You'll have to login to Google first as you have discovered and use your LastPass creds there, then use Google OAuth / OpenID auth to authenticate with SE.

Your LastPass credentials being put into the email and password boxes on the logon page for StackExchange / Ask Ubuntu would be for StackExchange created OpenIDs, if you had registered without using an external logon identifier (Google). That's why you get the password errors.

TL;DR, you can't use the email/password boxes to logon with your GMail credentials, because that's only for SE OpenIDs if you only register on SE and don't use the external authentication from Google.

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