Lately, I've been into edits using my new self phone, and all went smoothly.

But today, when I tried to suggest an edit to a new question, I simply couldn't.

Instead, I got this message: "User cannot suggest edits to this question".

Here is a screenshot, in case that helps.

user cannot suggest edits to this askubuntu question

As you can see, the message tells me that I can't, but it doesn't give me the reason why.

What I did (or didn't) to make the system reject my suggestion?

Is it a bug?

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This is because while you are in the middle of making your edit, somebody else submits an edit that is still pending approval by users with at least 2000 reputation.

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    And it is disallowed to suggest edits on meta posts :) Commented Jun 17, 2016 at 10:07

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